I want to write a book

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Why is it difficult to write a book?

Writing a book is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. If you are reading this, it could be because you want to write a book and you don’t know-how. Maybe this idea has been around your head forever, or maybe you have recently realised that you have something to tell the world. You might just want to make your little mark on history. Either way, right now, in this post, it doesn’t matter the reason.

But why haven’t you written that book yet?

It is because of fear; the great enemy of humans. Fear of achieving your dreams, of failure, or even just plain fear of success.

For many people, writing a book is a distant dream, which they keep in a corner of their soul, covered in dust because they believe that way they are kept safe and protected inside, and with it, a flame of hope that makes them feel alive.

Having dreams is a very beautiful thing. It is what gives meaning to our life. And if your biggest dream is to write a book, it’s no wonder you’re scared to do it once and for all, because what will happen next? I will no longer have dreams! Well, let me tell you, you shouldn’t be so dramatic. Dreams have an incredible capacity for adaptation. If your dream is to write a book and you achieve this, then your dream will become to publish it. If then you manage to publish it, then your dream will be modified and it will be, for example, to sell your book. If you are managing to sell your book to a lot of people, then why not jump in and write another one? Your head is full of stories and endless possibilities. But the fear of running out of dreams might be making you procrastinate.

Of course, sometimes, what scares us is facing reality, and if we finally get to write that book that we long to write, that will mean that we will have to start sending it to publishers, and, probably, we will suffer rejections. And who wants to feel rejected? Well, nobody, of course. But, «do not eat the pig before killing it.» You do not know what is going to happen in this life. Your book will be rejected by some publishers, perhaps many, but maybe the day will come when a publisher likes your story and decides to publish it.

There are always publishers that support new authors. You’re probably not going to receive any Advance, but trust me; it can happen. It is very likely that your book will be published someday. Especially, if you have confidence in yourself. Of course, having a good book helps. Because if you are afraid of failure, it is usually because you are also afraid that what you have written is mediocre. But the good thing is that there is a solution for that; you just have to learn how to write properly. It may take more or less time and determination, but writing can be learned. In fact, no one was born knowing how to write. Not even Shakespeare.

But let’s talk now about the last type of fear; perhaps the strangest. Sometimes, what causes terrible fear is the possibility of success. And, as if that were not enough, we are also ashamed. It seems like sovereign bullshit, but this happens more than you think. Someone, back in our childhood (a teacher, a family member, a supposed friend, or the undesirable one), made us think that we were never going to be successful. That we didn’t deserve it. That, if we wanted to win something, it could only happen if we paid for it. And then the fear of success enters our brain. Because they have led us to believe that it is forbidden fruit for us. That others deserve it more than you. I can never help but think that those people who are successful are, because they work, yes, of course; but I really believe that it also is because since they were little, their family, their teachers and their friends always believed in them. They encouraged them to get up when they fell and congratulated them on all their successes; even by the most insignificant one.

Others, sadly, were not so lucky, and still, they believe to this day that they do not deserve to be successful.

But let me tell you here and now that you do deserve it. You deserve to write your book, publish it and sell it. Because you have a wonderful story to tell; a story dying to be told everyone and loudly. So, first of all, free yourself from fear, because with it by your side, you can start forgetting to create anything. Because that is precisely why you haven’t written your book yet. You are terribly afraid.

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