An astonishing 97% discount on a Masters degree by Eneb Business school

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So, I just finished studying a Master´s degree in Business and Corporate Communications. Not only is a great programme by Eneb Business School from Barcelona (accredited by Universidad Isabel I) but also it is absolutely affordable! I recommend any of their masters to everyone!

Besides that, you can study it in English or in Spanish.

Here’s the link you need to follow to get the discount.

Enrollment form – Special #BlackNovember Discount applied

And this, my dear, is the code to use:

ENEB Ambassador Code AMBASSADOR132

By using this link and code, you can get any Master´s degree for only 279 euros, when the real price is 7.000 to 8.000 euros! I mean, of course, you will need to study. It is cheap, but it is not for free.

And what can I study? You will be wondering.

An MBA, or an MBA plus another Master´s in:

Human Resources Management

eCommerce and Marketing

Business and Corporate Communications

Tourism and Hotel Management

International Commerce

Project Management

Supply Chain Management

Big Data nd Business Intelligence

Coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence

The theory of every section and modules is very comprehensive and you get access to videos, study cases and resources. Besides, the administration and each department come back to you quite soon, if you have any query to ask them about the assignments, for example.

The assignments, I´m not gonna lie, you have to understand the section you are studying and work hard to answer all the questions required for each assignment, but it is doable and totally worth it! I wanted to learn about Corporate Communications, SEO, Advertising, Marketing, Social Corporate responsibility, Business Management, Public Relations, eCommerce and Social Media. You can learn it all!

When you finish the Programme, you get an online certification (for a bit more you get it printed if you want); you also get a certificate in Coaching and NLP and there is even a course usually offered called Spanish for Business.

Summing up, I´m extremely happy I took this course!

About Eneb Buisness School

It is based in Barcelona and it specialises in master and postgraduate training studies that follow distance pedagogical methodologies (online learning). The European Business School of Barcelona (ENEB) has been awarded the Cum Laude 2019 seal of quality as the best business school valued by its students. In addition, it actively collaborates with the Barcelona University Center, as well as with the European Association for International Education. With more than 50,000 students in 40 countries, all the master’s degrees taught by ENEB are accredited by the Isabel I University, which has been projected within the European Higher Education Area and regulates its training programs through ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits for guarantee the homogeneity and quality of the studies.

Sobre Eneb

Con sede en Barcelona, este centro de negocios se especializa en estudios de formación de máster y posgrado de alto rendimiento que siguen metodologías pedagógicas a distancia. La Escuela de Negocios Europea de Barcelona (ENEB) ha sido galardonada con el sello de calidad Cum Laude 2019 como mejor escuela de negocios valorada por sus alumnos. Además, colabora activamente con el Barcelona Centro Universitario, así como con la European Association for International Education. Con más de 50 000 alumnos en 40 países, todos los másteres que imparte ENEB están acreditados por la Universidad Isabel I, que ha sido proyectada dentro del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior y regula sus programas formativos mediante créditos ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) para garantizar la homogeneidad y la calidad de los estudios.

Web de Eneb


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